Monday, April 7, 2008

The first camping trip of 2008

We got our new camper out for the first camping trip of the season this last weekend!! We headed to Hells Canyon with the Wongs (and their new camper), Ed and Donna, Scot and Sarah and Mike and myself! Oh and we can't forget Henry and Emma too. I don't have too many pics of the weekend yet. But, here is a trip down memory lane. Gabby on one of her first camping trips and then a photo of her with Ed this last trip. Man how time flies!! She has gotten so BIG and is the best camper ever!!! We had so much fun with her this last weekend. We can't wait until our little one gets here. They are going to be the best camping buddies!! Thanks everyone for a great weekend!!
On another note...we had our 33 week check up Friday and everything is going great! Nothing new to report. I am 34 weeks tomorrow and we are now on every other week appointments for 2 visits and then to weekly appointments!! It's getting CLOSE!!

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